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NetScaler – Restrict SMTP Relay

Quick way to restrict Echange SMTP Relay in NetScalers is Extended ACLs. SMTP Relay can be restricted on Exchange servers or Firewalls using ACLs. Sometimes Firewalls could be managed by 3rd party company and it would be easier to manage ACLs on NetScaler. Here is an example how to configure it on NetScaler console:

#add Ectended ACLs
add ns acl InboundSMTP1 ALLOW -srcIP = -destIP = -destPort = 25 -protocol TCP -priority 101
add ns acl InboundSMTP2 ALLOW -srcIP = -destIP = -destPort = 25 -protocol TCP -priority 102
add ns acl InboundSMTP3 ALLOW -srcIP = -destIP = -destPort = 25 -protocol TCP -priority 103
add ns acl InboundSMTP4 ALLOW -srcIP = -destIP = -destPort = 25 -protocol TCP -priority 104
add ns acl InboundSMTP5 ALLOW -srcIP = -destIP = -destPort = 25 -protocol TCP -priority 105
#deny rest
add ns acl InboundSMTPSDeny DENY -destIP = -destPort = 25 -protocol TCP -priority 300
#apply ACLs
apply ns acls
#save netscaler config
save ns config




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